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Founded in 2015 Flying with Spitfires offer helicopter flights alongside vintage aircraft from our base at Goodwood Aerodrome, with a focus on Britain's most famous and iconic fighter, the Supermarine Spitfire. We are proudly a part of the Boultbee Flight Academy who have been offering Spitfire flight experiences and training courses since 2011. That puts us in a unique position to draw upon the engineering and operational expertise from a team recognised as the benchmark setters for safety and professionalism within the UK vintage aviation sector, not to mention an elite pool of pilots to draw from, with some of the most experienced warbird pilots on the planet from commercial airline Captains to military test pilots.

Flying with Spitfires provide extraordinary air-to-air flight experiences, putting you alongside historic aircraft in-flight. Our focus is the single-seat Spitfire, and our helicopters offer a truly unique perspective from which to marvel at RJ Mitchell's elliptical-winged masterpiece. Furthermore every flight provides much-needed work for these priceless marvels of engineering, which not only helps owners offset a small part of the cost of keeping these aircraft flying, but preserves part of our national heritage.

There are around 50 Spitfires flying in the world today, of the more than 21,000 built, and we feel a responsibility as custodians of these special aircraft to prevent close contact becoming the preserve of only the very wealthy. Flying alongside a Spitfire in the skies above the South of England is a unique experience that puts you in touch with the brave pilots who flew them during the Battle of Britain and throughout World War Two. We are not here to celebrate nor glamourise warfare, rather to honour and preserve the stories of those that lost their lives, so that we may learn from their sacrifice.

As you race through the skies harassed by a Spitfire you will get a feel for what happened in the skies above us more than 75 years ago. And as mentioned your flight experience itself helps keep the Spitfire legacy alive. Every seat purchased contributes to maintaining not just the aircraft you see but the expertly trained pilots, engineers and support staff who keep 1940s aviation technology in the air to C.21st safety standards.


Pictured below is our Crew Room where you will receive your briefing before you fly. There's a glass window where you can see through to all the planes in the hangar (there are usually at least a couple of Spitfires and P-51 Mustangs and a few vintage training aircraft to boot).

We like our guests to feel at home and so you'll find a self-service kitchen stocked with tea, coffee and plenty of biscuits. There's space outside for friends, family and colleagues to get a wonderful view of your flight too.


Here you see the Boultbee TR9 Spitfire in front of our home, Hangar 8 at Goodwood Aerodrome, together with our Routemaster bus that doubles up as a mobile flight operations centre.

This is an aerodrome like no other that once a year becomes a time capsule,  harking back to an era our aircraft might feel more at home in, at the world-famous Goodwood Revival. In fact the motor circuit that surrounds the grass runways owes its very existence to the aerodrome that predates it.


We love to fly, and we love Spitfires. So believe us when we tell you that you don't know a Spitfire, until you've flown with one.